Suplemen untuk kulit yang sihat

Terdapat pelbagai jenama suplemen di pasaran untuk mengekalkan kulit yang cantik dan sihat, terutamanya bagi wanita yang telah berumur. Tidak dinafikan juga, lelaki pun ada yang mengambil berat tentang kecantikan kulit mereka.

Namun begitu, pada asasnya suplemen yang harus diambil untuk menjaga kecantikan dan kesihatan kulit perlu mengandungi bahan-bahan antioksidan dan vitamin seperti vitamin A, C dan E, serta Coenzyme Q10 dan selenium.

Perinciannya seperti dipanjangkan di bawah ini…

Supplements for Healthy Skin

Aging and the sun take a toll on our skin. Increasingly, people are taking antioxidants to their skin care routine. Their goal: Help protect skin from the inside out.

Supplements for Skin and Beauty

Certain vitamins and antioxidants may improve the health and quality of your skin. Vitamins C and E, and selenium are antioxidants that may help protect skin from sun damage.

Vitamin A
Vitamin A , also known as retinol, is key for cell growth, and often used as a topical anti-aging treatment.

Coenzyme Q10 
Coenzyme Q10, also known as CoQ10, acts as an antioxidant, which helps protect cells from damage.

Vitamin C
Vitamin C, ascorbic acid, is an antioxidant that helps tissue grow and repair itself.

Vitamin E
Vitamin E helps the body regulate retinol levels, which is essential for healthy skin.

Selenium is a mineral that may help protect the skin against sun damage and wrinkles.

Information About Vitamins and Supplements

Do you know how to evaluate vitamins and supplements? There are so many vitamins, supplements, and herbal extracts on the shelves. Use these tips to find out which ones may be right for you.

Safe Upper Limits for Vitamins and Minerals

When it comes to vitamins and minerals, how much should you take? Find out the safe upper limits for the vitamins you take, as well as the recommended daily allowance you may need.

Vitamin and Supplement Glossary: Common Definitions

This glossary provides simple definitions for common terms such as antioxidants, fat soluble, or phytochemicals. Find out what the lingo really means.