Menurunkan tekanan darah secara semulajadi


Apabila seseorang itu disahkan mendapat penyakit darah tinggi (hipertensi), maka bersedialah untuk menghadapi risiko mendapat penyakit-penyakit lain yang bersangkutan dengannya, seperti penyakit jantung, strok, masalah buah pinggang, kencing manis (diabetes) dan sebagainya. Namun begitu, di samping ubat hospital untuk mengurangkan tekanan darah ini, pengidap hipertensi juga boleh menurunkan tekanan darah dengan mengambil vitamin semula jadi dan menjaga makan, terutamanya kurangkan pengambilan garam atau makanan diproses aau diawet yang banyak mengandungi garam.

Artikel berikut menekankan kepada pengambilan 3 vitamin semulajadi yang dipercayai boleh menurunkan tekanan darah seseorang secara semulajadi. Vitamin semulajadi yang dimaksudkan ialah Vitamin-K2, ekstrak grapeseed dan ekstrak blueberry.

Decrease Your Blood Pressure Naturally

By: Dr. Michael Cutler
– May 27, 2011 Posted in: Alternative Medicine, Easy Health Options Digest, Heart Concerns

Unhealthy blood pressure is a silent killer that can lead to heart and brain problems, cholesterol issues, kidney troubles and blood sugar imbalances. Happily, natural vitamins and nutrients can help combat these serious threats to your blood pressure health.

Amazingly, more than 23 million Americans struggle with blood pressure problems despite exercising regularly, maintaining a healthy diet and taking multiple prescription medicines.

Why does a person’s blood pressure spiral out of control? Three culprits are often overlooked:

* Calcium buildup in the arteries,
* Inadequate amounts of nitric oxide (NO2),
* Presence of the enzyme angiotensin II.

Calcium plaque deposits in the blood vessels may cause blood pressure to rise. The diameter of veins and arteries affects the amount of pressure blood must exert to pass through. A larger opening requires less pressure. But when blood vessels become lined with layers of calcium deposits, blood has to squeeze through narrowed pathways and blood pressure soars.

Unbalanced levels of NO2, which is naturally produced in your body from arginine (an amino acid) and oxygen, may also cause blood pressure to increase. The gaseous molecule signals the blood vessels to relax and open up to allow blood to easily pass through. The widening of the blood vessels — called vasodilation — increases blood flow, decreases blood pressure and helps keep blood platelets from sticking together.

Lastly, blood vessel constriction and water retention caused by the angiotensin II enzyme may cause blood pressure to rise. When the blood vessels constrict, blood must try to squeeze through, which can damage the lining and turn your arteries hard and stiff. Plus, this enzyme can also raise your sodium levels, resulting in water retention and elevated blood pressure.

Natural vitamins and nutrients can support the body’s efforts to eliminate these serious threats to your blood pressure health:

* Vitamin K2 — also known as menaquinone — helps remove unwanted calcium from blood vessels and delivers it to bones, where it’s needed.

* Grapeseed extract causes blood vessels to relax by greatly affecting the body’s production of NO2, as well as helping prevent calcium from entering into the muscle cells of the heart and arteries.

* Blueberry extract helps stop production of angiotensin II with natural angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE)-inhibiting properties. It also contains polyphenols that fight inflammation which can weaken and damage blood vessels.

With these all-natural methods, you can effectively manage your blood pressure and help protect your cardiovascular system. You’ll be glad you did: A balanced blood pressure and healthy heart provide a solid foundation for a healthy life.